UNAR considers as fundamental a constant and reciprocal exchange with sectoral associations , in order to strengthen and make the fight and contrast action against every form of racism more widespread and homogeneous.

At the Office, a Register of associations is established by decree (Articles 5 and 6 of Legislative Decree 215/2003). that organises activities in the field of the fight against discrimination. In addition there is a list of bodies entitled to act in court to protect victims of racial discrimination.

The subscription to the register, which is updated annually, is subject to the possession of the following requirements:

  • constitution, by public deed or by certified private deed, for at least one year and possession of a statute that establishes a democratic base and foresees as an exclusive or pre-eminent purpose the fight against the phenomena of discrimination and the promotion of equal treatment, non-profit;
  • keeping a list of members, updated annually with an indication of the fees paid directly to the association for statutory purposes;
  • preparation of an annual balance sheet of the income and expenditure with indication of the quotas paid by the associates and keeping of the accounting books, in compliance with the rules in force concerning the accounting of the unrecognised associations;
  • carrying out a continuous activity in the previous year;
  • not having its legal representatives undergone any conviction, which has become final, in relation to the activity of the association itself, and do not hold the same representatives as entrepreneurs or directors of production companies and services in any form constituted, for same sectors in which the association operates.

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