Play in my shoes

“Play in my shoes” is a video game that challenges the participant to live a month in the role of a foreigner.

The idea of ​​telling immigration through a videogame is inspired by a format born in the USA, and inspired by the consequences produced in 2008 by the catastrophic bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. In that case they had to take the clothes of an unemployed person and make existential or professional choices starting from that condition.

To adapt the format to the situation of immigrants in Italy, it was formed a working group within UNAR, which created a version of “Put yourself in my shoes” describing various situations taken from the daily life of a recently immigrated person in Italy. The problems concern the search for work, the home, linguistic difficulties, some types of discrimination that often happen and other obstacles.

To win, two parameters must be taken into consideration: the starting economic budget and the happiness points. The compromise is in fact to understand how we are willing to give up our happiness, dignity and respect to reach the goal. If even one of the two criteria falls below zero, you lose.

Inside the game are given a lot of information, real data, statistics to enable the player to make the right decision and to disseminate as much as possible important and updated data about the immigration world in Italy.

To know more about it

Write to and ask for a copy of the game.