Dosta Compaign!

“Dosta!” is the campaign to fight the prejudice and the stereotypes about Rom and Sinti.

Dosta! – meaning “enough” in Romani language– is the awareness campaign to fight the prejudice and stereotypes about Roma and Sinti promoted by the European Council, already coordinated and financed in Italy by UNAR.

In Europe, people belonging to Roma and Sinti communities are 12 million, in Italy around 140 thousand. The majority are Italian citizens since 1871, while others come from the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Romania, escaped from wars and misery.

According to the Council of Europe, the first challenge they face is to integrate social and political cultural politicies. In the Old Continent, Roma communities lie below all the human rights development indexes : 8 out of 10 Roma families are at risk of poverty, only 1 out of 7 Roma has accomplished second grade education.

Often their presence becomes a cause of conflict, which can find a positive solution only if  “handled” in a direction of inclusion.

Italy was the first Country of the Western Europe to join the campaign in 2012: a decisive step to draw citizens of different cultures  who live together in the same society and respect each other norms and values.

The campaign was conceived and shared with the main networks of Roma and Sinti associations in Italy to promote greater knowledge of this ethnicity. The scope is that in the immediate future the living conditions of Roma, Sinti and Walking will improve.

Unar - “DOSTA” COMPAIGN 2011 to fight the prejudice and the stereotypes about Rom and Sinti.

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