“Made in Italy”, the 2012 campaign to boost the Contact Centre

An event possible due to the cooperation of people from different backgrounds, coming from close and far away countries. Its label explains how it has been made: 92,6% of Italians, 1,60% of Romanian, 0,80% of Albanian, 0,75% of Moroccan and 4,31% of people from other ethnicities.

“Made in Italy” is the name of the institutional communication campaign promoted in 2012 from UNAR, the Department of Equal Opportunities, Ministry of Labour and Social Politicies with delegation to Equal Oppurtunities and to the Ministry of the International Cooperation and Integration. The communication campaign, co-funded by the Interior Minister and by the European Fund for the inclusion of third countries citizens, has the aim to give a clear imagine of the interaction of Italian and other ethnicity citizens. At the same time, it seeks to encourage the contact centre against the discriminations 800 90 10 10 www.unar.it and the OSCAD observatory oscad@dcpc.interno.it