Statistical Surveys

UNAR does several research activities such as:

  • Research on Ethnic and Racial Discrimination (DER), with the aim of achieving a delimitation of the phenomenon of discrimination, both in a”definitive”way and through the identification of tools (indicators) to measure the phenomenon itself. it should be functional to the representation, prevention and removal of discriminatory attitudes, behaviors and practices towards diversity bearers.
  • Investigation on “gender discrimination, sexual orientation and ethnic origin” promoted by the Department for Equal Opportunities and assigned to ISTAT. The survey aims primarily to provide the Department with more information on prejudices, fears and discriminatory attitudes towards women, people of different sexual orientation and foreigners, as well as providing data on violent actions generated by discrimination o attributable to them and to the related risk factors.
  • Analysis, elaboration and representation of statistical data collected by the thematic departmental Contact Centres (1522 against violence against women, Anti-Trafficking Green Number, and Anti-Discrimination Contact Centre) and discriminatory behaviors
  • Research in the European Social Fund on all forms of discrimination and regarding the discrimination of Roma, Sinti and Camminanti in the Convergence Objective Regions (Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Sicily).